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Medical Reference Related to Back Pain

  1. Interactive Tool: Should I Consider Surgery for My Low Back Problem? - What does this tool measure?

    Click here to find out whether surgery may help decrease the symptoms of a back problem.This interactive tool will not diagnose a back problem, but it will tell you whether surgery might help decrease or eliminate symptoms related to your low back problem. There is always a risk with any surgery, so most people don't want to have surgery unless there is a very good chance it will help them. While

  2. Understanding Spinal Disk Problems -- Diagnosis & Treatment

    Learn more from WebMD about the spectrum of treatments for spinal disk problems.

  3. Most Popular Questions About Back Pain

    Dealing with back pain? WebMD went to the experts to get answers to your most pressing back pain questions.

  4. Chronic Back Pain and Sleep

    Find out how to get a good night's sleep when suffering from chronic back pain.

  5. Opiate Pain Relievers for Spinal Stenosis

    Drug details for Opioids for spinal stenosis.

  6. Opiate Pain Relievers for Acute Neck Pain

    Drug details for Narcotic pain relievers for acute neck pain.

  7. Opiate Pain Relievers for a Herniated Disc

    Drug details for Opioids for a herniated disc.

  8. Opiate Pain Relievers for Low Back Pain

    Drug details for Opiate pain relievers for low back pain.

  9. Lumbar Herniated Disc - Symptoms

    Symptoms of a herniated disc vary greatly depending on the position of the herniated disc and the size of the herniation.

  10. Lumbar Herniated Disc - Surgery

    Read about surgery for herniated discs.

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