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    Dizziness: Lightheadedness and Vertigo - Check Your Symptoms

    Call 911 anytime you think you may need emergency care. For example, call if:

    • You passed out (lost consciousness).
    • You have dizziness along with symptoms of a heart attack. These may include:
      • Chest pain or pressure, or a strange feeling in the chest.
      • Sweating.
      • Shortness of breath.
      • Nausea or vomiting.
      • Pain, pressure, or a strange feeling in the back, neck, jaw, or upper belly or in one or both shoulders or arms.
      • Lightheadedness or sudden weakness.
      • A fast or irregular heartbeat.
    • Dizziness occurs with signs of a stroke. These may include:
      • Sudden numbness, paralysis, or weakness in your face, arm, or leg, especially on only one side of your body.
      • New problems with walking or balance.
      • Drooling or slurred speech.
      • Sudden vision changes.
      • New problems speaking or understanding simple statements, or feeling confused.
      • A sudden, severe headache that is different from past headaches.

    Call your doctor now or seek immediate medical care if:

    • You feel dizzy and have a fever, headache, or ringing in your ears.
    • You have new or increased nausea and vomiting.
    • Your dizziness does not go away or comes back.

    Watch closely for changes in your health, and be sure to contact your doctor if:

    • You do not get better as expected.

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    Last Updated: November 14, 2014
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