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    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Exams and Tests

    Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is hard to diagnose. It is common to have normal test results when you have CFS. Fatigue is an extremely common problem, and it can have many other causes. CFS can be diagnosed only by ruling out other conditions.

    First, your doctor will ask you about past health and do a physical exam. Experts have come up with a specific list of symptoms to decide whether a person has CFS. Doctors use a variety of tests to rule out other conditions. These tests usually include:

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    These are routine lab tests. Other tests may be done if your symptoms, history, and physical exam suggest other possible problems. These other tests may include:

    Some doctors may order tests that check your immune system. These can be expensive and generally are done only in research settings. Also, it's hard to know what the findings of these tests mean. That's because so little is known about the immune system's connection to chronic fatigue syndrome.

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