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    1. Caring for a Continent Ileostomy or K-Pouch

      WebMD explains how to care for your ileostomy, or K-pouch.

    2. Colorectal Cancer: Your Treatment Options

      No one treatment is right for every person with colorectal cancer. Learn more about the treatment options.

    3. Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis? What You Can Do Now

      What comes next after you learn you have colorectal cancer? Here’s how you can get ready for what’s ahead.

    4. Living Your Best With Colorectal Cancer

      Just diagnosed with colorectal cancer? Here’s how to handle some everyday challenges you may face.

    5. Advanced Colorectal Cancer: What to Expect

      When colorectal cancer spreads to other parts of your body, it’s called advanced or metastatic disease. There are treatments that can help you feel better and live longer.

    6. Eating to Prevent Colorectal Cancer

      Nutritional information that may help reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

    7. Colorectal Cancer Prevention

      Learn more from WebMD about preventing colorectal cancer.

    8. Colon and Rectal Cancer: What’s the Difference?

      They’re often lumped together, but colon and rectal cancer have some key differences.

    9. How to Find Colon Polyps Early

      Find out what your options are for tests that can find growths in your colon called polyps, which sometimes turn into colorectal cancer.

    10. What Is a Stoma for Colostomy?

      Learn why you need a stoma after bowel surgery and how to care for it.

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