12 Questions to Ask if Colon Cancer Is in Your Liver

Medically Reviewed by Nayana Ambardekar, MD on September 11, 2021
1 min read

You'll want to find out all you can about your cancer, including what you can expect and what treatments you need.  

Ask these questions when you meet with your doctor. The answers will help you understand your situation, so that you can make choices with more confidence.

1. What does my diagnosis mean?

2. Is the cancer in any other parts of my body, in addition to my liver?

3. Can my cancer be cured?  

4. What treatment options do you recommend, and why?

5. How well do those treatments work?

6. How will we know if it's working?

7. How long will my treatment take?

8. What side effects might I have, for how long, and how can I manage them?

9. How will this affect my daily life?

10. Do you recommend that I get a second opinion?

11. Are there any clinical trials open to me?

12. How should I change my diet and exercise to help me as I go through treatment?