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Emotional Survival Guide

Take it easy on yourself: Try simple ways to help drive away holiday blues.

Day By Day: Busting the Holiday Blues

Holiday Dos & Don'ts
Try these practical, quick tips to keep the holidays about making good memories, not about making things perfect.
Less Stress in 7 Steps
Find peace wherever you are -- in line at the post office, shopping, or at a holiday dinner -- with this easy-to-follow relaxation technique.
Exercises to Beat the Holiday Blues
Here's motivation and inspiration to get your body moving: Exercise reduces feelings of depression. Plus, you'll boost your energy!
Healthier Comfort Foods
Do you go to the fridge for a "food hug?" Use these healthful tips to get the comfort you need -- sweet, salty, or crunchy -- without the guilt.
An Easy, Healthy Resolution
Make time for tea. It takes no work and it's all about soothing yourself. Plus, tea's antioxidants work wonders inside your body.

Beyond the Blues: Grief and Depression

Finding Holiday Joy Amid Grief
If you've lost a loved one or suffered a setback, the holidays can feel hollow. Learn how to experience joy despite it all.
The Many Shades of Blue: When Is It Really Depression?
Holidays often bring on a sense of sadness. When is sadness a true sign of depression? What forms does depression take?
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