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    High Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction: Working With Your Doctor

    If you have high blood pressure (or hypertension) and are having problems with erectile dysfunction (ED), the first step toward a solution is to see your doctor. You may be a bit hesitant to discuss your sex life with a doctor, but rest assured, your doctor has heard it all before and will know how to help you.

    Erectile dysfunction is fairly common. One study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that nearly half of men over age 40 with high blood pressure have ED.

    Your doctor will need a lot of information from you before suggesting any treatment. If this doctor had been involved in your care for high blood pressure in the past, you can talk about how well you've been controlling your blood pressure and about how you are doing with the medications you're taking. If you are meeting with a new doctor, you will share all that, plus information about other health problems you may have, like diabetes or high cholesterol.

    The doctor may discuss any of your potential risk factors for heart disease before recommending treatment, as well as any possible side effects you could be having from medications.

    Telling a doctor that you have difficulty with your erection is not the easiest thing to do. But to get the right care you have to tell your doctor everything, including the truth about things like drinking alcohol, using drugs, or smoking cigarettes. It's in your best interest to be totally honest.

    You should also be prepared to discuss some possible questions about your sex life. You might be asked some of the following questions:

    • What's your sexual orientation? Do you have sex with men, women, or both?
    • Do you have a steady partner? Multiple partners?
    • How is sex with your partner? Has anything changed recently?
    • Has anything upsetting happened to you lately?
    • In general, are you under a lot of stress?
    • Do you ever feel depressed?

    A doctor you are seeing for the first time may also need to examine your penis, testicles, and prostate gland. Some men also have their testosterone level tested.

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