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    The Fertility Diaries: Friends and Mothers

    Bright Hopes continued...

    In the meantime, all three friends were hoping for good news from Jody. "We were so excited when she went in for her transfer, thinking that in just two weeks she could finally be pregnant, after all this time and so much disappointment," says Jenny. "And I had a good feeling about it. Of course, we knew that there was a chance it wouldn't work out, but IVF with ICSI has a higher success rate than other fertility treatment alternatives, and I was really crossing my fingers that this would be it."

    Although her doctor had told her not to drive herself crazy taking home pregnancy tests following the egg transfer, Jody didn't listen. "Jenny was my enabler," she says. "She encouraged me to go ahead and test." In the online community, women trying to conceive refer to taking home pregnancy tests and the tests that monitor your ovulation as "POAS," which stands for "peeing on a stick." Jenny, a stayathome mom who had struggled to get pregnant with both the son she lost and her baby girl, Nora, had charted her ovulation and fertility since shortly after getting married. So she'd long been advising her friend on the ins and outs of following the hormonal surges of ovulation and possible pregnancy. "I'm a POAS pusher," Jenny admits, laughing.

    Jody: "A couple of days after the transfer, I tested to make sure the hormones from the trigger shot were out of my system; if they're still in you, the test comes up positive automatically. It was negative, and I thought, Good! But I was still feeling really down. I didn't have any symptoms and I was sure the IVF hadn't worked. Then I took a home pregnancy test, and it was positive. I tested again the next day, and it was positive again. So I called the doctor and asked, "Do you want me to have a beta hCG test to see if my pregnancy hormone levels are rising?" Also, since I have a bloodclotting disorder called Factor V Leiden — which might have been the reason I had a miscarriage — I'll have to take drugs to control it throughout my pregnancy. So I asked if I should start on medication early. They said, 'Quit testing! It's a waste of your money, and you'll find out anyway.' But of course, I didn't quit. I was peeing on a stick every day. By the end, the 'positive' line was appearing so fast that I knew I was pregnant!"

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