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    How to Choose a Fertility Clinic

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    Questions to Ask of a Fertility Clinic

    Wisot recommends asking:

    • How long has the fertility clinic's medical director been there?
    • How long have the doctors and technicians been there? High staff turnover can be a sign of bad management and can contribute to mistakes.
    • Which procedures do you do, and how often? Be sure the clinic has a wide range of infertility remedies available and is familiar with the latest technology, such as something called blastocyst transfer.
    • Do you have age limits for treatment? If so, it's a good sign that the clinic is concerned about ethical issues.
    • When you do an advanced procedure that involves fertilizing the eggs outside the woman and then planting them inside her, who decides how many eggs go back in -- the doctor or patient? Wisot recommends steering away from a clinic that gives complete control to the doctor. This is important because the more eggs planted, the greater the chance for multiple births.
    • How many cycles per year do you do? Wisot notes that some clinics handle so many patients -- each of whom may be treated for multiple menstrual cycles -- that patients end up feeling like a number.
    • What does treatment cost? While you don't want to choose strictly on price, it's good to know costs ahead of time so you know what you're getting into. Beware of clinics that offer a money-back guarantee if you don't get pregnant -- the doctor may have a financial incentive to treat you more aggressively than you want.

    If you call the clinic and they say they're too busy to answer your questions, try elsewhere. They may not have time for your questions once you're a patient, either. For more on the subject, check the information-packed web site at Resolve, a respected national support organization.

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