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  1. Infertility Treatments Linked to Defects

    March 6, 2002 -- Babies conceived through assisted reproduction appear to have double the normal risk for major birth defects and low birth weight, even if they are not the products of multiple births, new research suggests. Two studies, reported in the March 7 issue of The New England Journal of Me

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  2. Diabetes Drug Helps Prevent Miscarriage

    March 1, 2002 -- A popular diabetes drug may hold the key to motherhood for millions of women with the most common form of infertility. Miscarriage rates dropped dramatically among a group of women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) treated with the drug metformin. Researchers say the drug, also

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  3. In Vitro Babies at Risk for Brain Disorders

    Feb. 7, 2002 -- In vitro fertilization has blessed couples around the world with babies. But a new study suggests that those babies may be at increased risk of developing neurological disorders, especially cerebral palsy. "These risks are largely due to the high frequency of twin pregnancies, low bi

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  4. Gene Therapy Restores Fertility in Male Mice

    Jan. 28, 2002 -- In the U.S., one in 10 couples struggles with infertility. Researchers are furiously looking for the causes of this troubling problem and ways to treat it. And now, a new study explains how gene therapy has taken one step toward conquering male infertility in mice. When a couple has

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  5. Fertility Drugs Don't Cause Ovary Cancer

    Jan. 25, 2002 -- One researcher says her latest findings should put to rest any questions about the link between fertility drugs and ovarian cancer. Her findings suggest that it's the causes of infertility -- such as endometriosis -- that actually increase the cancer risk. "For more than a decade, c

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  6. Looks May Not Be Everything, but for Sperm They Do Matter

    Nov. 7, 2001 -- When it comes to human coupling, good looks rule. All else being equal, attractive people often have a big advantage in finding mates. Now it seems that for men, appearance may be critical at a cellular level as well. New research suggests that having good-looking sperm is the most i

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  7. Discovery Could Lead to Fertility Treatment or Contraception

    Oct. 10, 2001 -- Scientists have found a protein in sperm that controls its ability to fertilize an egg -- a discovery that could lead to treatments for infertility and even contraception. Researchers are constantly looking for new ways to promote fertility in couples that are having trouble conceiv

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  8. Preserving Fertility

    Sept. 13, 2001 -- When actress Jane Seymour gave birth to twins five years ago at age 45, the news shocked many, but these days it seems there is an endless parade of fortysomething celebrities having babies. Actress Susan Sarandon had her third child at 45; actress Mimi Rogers, also 45, is expectin

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  9. Fertile -- or Futile?

    -->Sept. 10, 2001 -- The public health campaign could hardly be more modest in scope, with ads limited to city buses in New York, Seattle, and suburban Chicago. Yet weeks before they even ran, the ads sparked a Newsweek cover story and a national debate. Their incendiary message: Women who put off p

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  10. Woman's Right to Block Use of Frozen Embryos OK'd by Court

    Aug. 15, 2001 (Washington) -- Frozen early embryos, whether viewed as human life or a crucial research tool for possibly life-saving stem cell research, were at the center of President Bush's decision last week to fund limited stem cell studies. And this week, these "excess" embryos are back in the

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