Living & Managing

Whether you’re an adult dealing with your own diagnosis -- or the parent of a child with lupus -- you have challenges to face every day. These articles will help.

Lupus and Pregnancy

With lupus, there is a risk of losing a pregnancy. This article explains the risks, and gives tips on timing your pregnancy.

Coping with Lupus

A diagnosis of lupus stirs up many emotions -- in patients and in family members. This article provides good insights and ideas for coping.

How Lupus Affects Your Body

Lupus can affect just about any part of your body. Read more about the steps you can take on your own to avoid the effects of lupus on your heart, skin, kidneys, eyes, and more.

How Lupus Affects Your Skin

Read more about common skin problems and rashes that occur with lupus.

Skin Care Tips for Lupus

Find out some tips and tricks for skin care when you have lupus.