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  1. Stem Cells May Ease Severe Lupus

    Jan. 31, 2006 -- When people with severe lupus have failed other treatment options, their stem cells may help save their lives. The finding, published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, doesn't amount to a cure for lupus, a disease of the immune system. However, half of the study's

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  2. Lipstick, Hair Dyes Raise Lupus Risk?

    Nov. 17, 2005 -- Regularly sporting lipstick and dying your hair may increase a woman's risk of developing lupus, according to preliminary new research, but only if the woman already has a higher risk. "It's a little early to tell everybody that lipstick is dangerous," says researcher Jun Wang, PhD,

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  3. Lupus Survival Getting Better

    Nov. 16, 2005 -- There's been no new lupus treatment for 30 years. But a new study shows that lupus patients live longer -- and healthier -- than ever before. Lupus is a very serious disease in which the immune system goes out of control and attacks the body. People with lupus can suffer from damage

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  4. Can Plastics Trigger Lupus?

    July 15, 2005 - A family of chemicals used to make toys, polyesters, and cosmetics triggers lupus in mice bred to develop the autoimmune disease, research shows. The chemicals, called phthalates, don't cause lupus in normal mice. And it's not at all clear that the mouse findings are relevant to huma

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  5. Organ Transplant Drug Controls Lupus Symptoms

    Oct. 18, 2004 -- The drug CellCept works in controlling lupus symptoms, yet with few short-term side effects, research shows. CellCept is approved for preventing organ transplant rejection and is known to work for patients who have kidney damage from lupus. However, a new study shows it holds great

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  6. Lupus Patients Risk Early Heart Disease

    Dec. 17, 2003 -- People with lupus are more likely to have clogged arteries that can lead to heart attack and stroke at a younger age, likely due to the inflammation from lupus. Two new studies point to the need for doctors treating lupus patients to give more time and attention -- and treatment --

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  7. Can Broccoli Prevent Lupus?

    Nov. 6, 2003 -- Need yet another good reason to eat your vegetables? The cruciferous kind -- including broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower -- are believed to protect against a host of human cancers. Now, early animal studies suggest they may also prevent -- and even treat -- the autoimmune disease lu

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  8. Body Shows Early Clues for Lupus

    Oct. 15, 2003 -- Long before lupus is diagnosed, things are going awry in the body. New research offers first hints of this progression. It may open a window for early testing and treatment. The study appears in this week's New England Journal of Medicine. Lupus, or systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE

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  9. Cannabis May Suppress Immune System

    April 15, 2003 -- Cannabis may offer hope to people with autoimmune disorders such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Cannabis seems to decrease inflammation in the body by suppressing certain parts of the immune system. Researchers are hoping this finding will lead to new treatments. Previous studi

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  10. Thalidomide Helps Lupus Skin Rash

    Jan. 24, 2003 -- Thalidomide helps treatment-resistant skin rash in lupus patients. This means the FDA should ease the strict rules limiting use of the birth-defect-causing drug, researchers argue. No drug anywhere is more infamous than thalidomide. Originally a tranquilizer frequently given to wome

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