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    Up Close and Personal With TV Host Jimmy Fallon

    The top 5 ways Late Night changed the comedian's health habits.

    No. 3. He traded “hair-of-the-dog” Sundays for drinking raw juice.

    “I’ve started drinking this mixture of spinach, parsley, and God knows what else is in it,” the comedian tells WebMD. “And I do fish oil supplements, eat salads, that kind of thing.” But that’s only a start, says Samantha Heller, MS, RD, and author of Get Smart: Samantha Heller’s Nutrition Prescription for Boosting Brain Power and Optimizing Total Body Health, due out in 2010. Heller says Fallon needs “regular exercise plus a balanced diet to keep his immune system strong. I hope he’s not gulping down his green juice with a cheeseburger and fries!” She adds: “Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils have been shown to reduce inflammation from stress, and vegetable juices can add to overall nutrition.”

    So grab a juice and head for the produce aisle, but head to the gym and skip fast food joints, too.

    No. 2. He battled his stage fright.

    “I get nervous all the time. I’m just as nervous before going on stage in a small venue as I am doing my act for the first lady,” says Fallon, who admits that he is no extrovert. Surprised to learn a seasoned comedy pro still gets the jitters? Don’t be. Fallon shares a fear of public speaking with most of us. But he loosens up as he continues, notes Paul L. Witt, PhD, associate professor in the department of communications studies at Texas Christian University. “He’s taught himself to adapt, to relax into the stress of the performance.”

    You can too with just a few smart techniques. First, if you’re prone to sweating, wear cool, loose-fitting clothing. Bring a glass of water to the podium if you suffer from dry mouth. And practice deep-breathing to calm your nerves. Once on stage, avoid using a microphone, if possible; projecting your voice, which forces air into your lungs, helps to calm you down. If your hands are trembling, hide them behind your back or place them on the podium. Finally, ask for feedback after the presentation. “If your audience praises you, or if they laughed a lot during it, you know you’ve done a good job,” says Witt. “And you realize your fears were irrational.”

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