Strength Training Program for Men

Medically Reviewed by Sabrina Felson, MD on October 18, 2020

Want to get buff, but don't know where to start? Get ready to do these strength-building exercises for your chest, arms, shoulders, back, core, and legs.


Building chest muscles yields more than a chiseled chest: It can actually protect you from disease, especially as you age.

Building Chest Muscles


Want bulging biceps? Turns out that building arm muscles isn't just for show -- it's important for the activities of daily life.

Building Arm Muscles

Shoulder and Back

While you use your shoulders every time you move your arms, back muscles get less exercise. Here are some exercises for both.

Building Shoulder and Back Muscles

Your Core

Building core strength helps your stability, posture, and back strength. Here are some exercises to build six-pack abs and a stronger back.

Building Your Core


Building leg muscles not only strengthens your lower body -- it also helps burn calories and prevent muscle loss.

Building Leg Muscles