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    Q&A With Terry Crews


    Q: You got married relatively young and have been married for 25 years. Any secrets to making it work for so long?

    You have to own up to your mistakes. And boy, I have made a lot over our marriage. You also have to evolve together, and realize that no matter how close you are, you are always going to be very different. Some people get married and think you should both see and like the same things. You have to be constantly talking to one another, and evaluating where each person is in their life. I really had to come to grips with that. My wife has been amazing throughout all my transitions, from football to acting and beyond. I think women deal with change a lot better than men. Women don't hold onto foolish pride.

    Q: So how did you evolve?

    You need to allow yourself freedom to change -- even your mind. Sometimes, when you're wrong, you don't even want to admit it. But over the years I learned to change that. In fact, a long time ago I actually told my kids to tell me what is wrong with me. This book isn't meant to be a textbook, but it's my story and this is where my experiences led me. Sometimes the best way to learn is through others' experience.

    Q: What do you miss about the NFL days?

    Oh, I miss the camaraderie of a team, which can be so wonderful. But honestly, a lot of that has been replaced by the on-set camaraderie I've enjoyed. Especially on Brooklyn Nine-Nine -- it's great. We're a family and we clicked right from the beginning.

    Q: How is the character Terry, on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, like you?

    This character is me! In fact, they based it on me and are constantly incorporating little bits of me and my life into the storyline. The creators will mine everything. For instance, the bit about driving a minivan, that's from my life. And about loving yogurt, that's true! I think that it's better to play against type in a movie. You film it once and it's over. But when you're doing TV, I think it's better to play someone closer to you since you're going to be doing it day in and day out, hopefully for a long time!

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