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    Guy Buys: Grooming Essentials for Men

    Give the men in your life a little TLC with our expert grooming product picks.
    By Linda Formichelli
    WebMD Magazine - Feature
    Reviewed by Karyn Grossman, MD

    Some guys might not be willing to admit it, but men need to pamper their skin and hair. WebMD asked Paul M. Friedman, MD, director of the Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center in Houston, for his top product picks.

    1. Neutrogena Men Sensitive Skin Oil-Free Moisture SPF 30, $6.99

    This non-greasy formula has four (count 'em, four) chemical sunscreens that protect against both types of harmful ultraviolet light -- UVA and UVB rays -- and help prevent everything from wrinkles to skin cancer. Tell Dad to rub a tablespoonful on his face, neck, ears, and exposed scalp areas every morning, no matter the weather forecast (harmful rays get through clouds and rain).

    2. Ahava Men's Exfoliating Cleansing Gel, $19

    Good for dads with normal to oily skin, this scrub boasts aloe and ginseng to soothe and soften. Friedman recommends using it once a week to help prevent ingrown hairs that can result from shaving.

    3. Redken for Men Go Clean Daily Care Shampoo, $11.50

    Proteins strengthen hair, and glycerin offers moisture and shine. Best of all, this shampoo contains no harsh ingredients and no girly perfumes -- Friedman says it has a pleasant, masculine smell.

    4. Gillette Foamy Sensitive Skin Shave Foam, $3.19

    Who says you need fancy scents and crazy colors? Friedman uses this simple shaving cream himself, since it's hydrating, lathers up well, and is scent-free to reduce skin irritation.

    5. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Foot Therapy Cream, $5.11

    Vitamins A, C, and E help heal dry skin and retain moisture. Friedman says his patients like that this cream is non-greasy, penetrates quickly, and works fast to reduce cracks and fissures in the heels and feet.

    6. Tweezerman Power Nail Clipper, $6

    This nail nipper is embedded in a long handle for extra control. But what Friedman likes best about it is the guarantee: Tweezerman sharpens dulled clippers for free, for as long as the blades last.

    7. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion, $12.99

    Goodbye, dry! This non-greasy lotion contains hyaluronic acid to draw moisture into the skin, plus ceramides, lipid molecules that help maintain skin's moisture barrier. Tell Dad to slather it on after a shower (but it's not a substitute for daily sun protection -- it contains no SPF).

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