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    1. Generic Drug for Enlarged Prostate Approved

      March 2, 2010 --The first generic version of Flomax, a medication to treat the signs and symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland, has won the approval of the FDA. The generic version of Flomax, known as tamsulosin, will be made by IMPAX Laboratories of Haywood, Calif. Under FDA regulations, the gener

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    2. Women's Scent Triggers Hormone Surge in Men

      Jan. 15, 2010 -- Forget the pricey perfume. The natural scent of a woman at her most fertile may be enough to attract a mate. A new study shows that when men smell T-shirts worn by women while ovulating, it triggers a surge in the sex hormone testosterone. Researchers say it's the first study to sho

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    3. The Best Diets for Men

      After four years of following one diet plan after another and watching his weight yo-yo up and down, Marv Leicher finally discovered the secret formula for losing weight and keeping it off successfully. And he’s not sharing it with anyone. "I wasted enough of my own time following somebody else’s id

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    4. Condoms: A Virtual Orgy of Sizes, Shapes, and Tastes

      The condom wizard is helping me choose a condom. "I am the condom wizard," he confidently declares, "and I shall help you find the condoms that are right for you." I have to admit I'd feel easier getting the condom wizard's advice on the best condom for me if he weren't wearing one condom on his hea

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    5. Finding a Personal Trainer

      Sometimes going to the gym just isn’t enough. You may need to find a personal fitness trainer to help you develop the right exercise program, motivate you, and even ride you at times so that you don’t slack off. But finding the right personal trainer is a kind of science. Some guys rely too much on

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    6. Strength Training: Building Leg Muscles

      Strengthening your leg muscles will make it easier for you to climb stairs, ride a bicycle, and even walk. And because your legs, especially your thighs, have so much muscle mass, building leg muscles through resistance training will help you burn calories even when you’re sitting still. “Muscle can

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    7. How to Find a Gym

      Before a guy can do any legwork at a gym, he needs to do a little legwork to finda gym. Finding a fitness or health club that will meet all your personal needs and help you stay motivated means taking notes, asking some key questions, and being realistic and upfront about your goals. Every New Year,

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    8. Strength Training: Building Chest Muscles

      Building chest muscles through resistance training may help you get a chiseled chest. But it also will help you perform many everyday activities that become more difficult with age. “Starting at age 50, and especially by the time you get to be 60 or 70, activities of daily living — carrying grocerie

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    9. Strength Training: Building Your Core

      You won’t find “core muscles” on a chart of human anatomy as you will “pectoralis major” and “gluteus maximus.” Core muscles are simply those that girdle your trunk and pelvis. But even though you won’t find them, they’re especially important for maintaining the stability of your body as you reach,

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    10. Strength Training: Building Shoulder and Back Muscles

      Your shoulders are involved in almost every movement of your arms. So you get plenty of opportunities to exercise them. But building back muscles requires more attention. Sure, your back muscles are at work whenever you’re standing, but challenging them with resistance requires movements you don’t m

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