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    Symptoms & Types

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    What’s your headache pattern? Frequent headaches, tension headaches, cluster headaches, migraines. Learn the symptoms and types -- and then talk to a doctor.


    Not all headaches are the same and symptoms vary. See what yours mean. Are your headache symptoms from a migraine?

    Our doctors at outline the five phases of migraine.

    Warning Signs

    Learn these warning signs and when to head for the hospital or call a headache specialist.

    Check these 12 symptoms of headache emergency from our doctors at


    Does severe headache pain attack you in cycles? You may have cluster headaches.

    Ocular migraines cause vision loss or blindness lasting less than an hour, along with or following a migraine headache.

    Did you know that migraines can exist with other conditions? Learn about the different types of migraine headaches. See who gets them and what conditions can be associated them.

    Got sinus headache pain? Get some answers.

    Get some answers about tension headaches here.

    Hemicrania continua, or continuous headache, is a rare type of headache that doesn't stop.

    Learn about different types of chronic headaches. 

    A migraine headache can last for a few hours a day to several hours. But a migraine attack that lasts for more than 72 hours is called status migrainosus.


    Learn about "transformed headaches" – migraine headaches that become a daily menace.

    Rebound headaches happen when you misuse or overuse pain relievers. Here’s what to do.

    Women who have migraines with auras disturbance have an increased risk of heart disease.

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