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Tips for Living Well With Multiple Sclerosis

Make the most of every day despite MS.
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Are you living with multiple sclerosis? Make the most of each day with these tips for living well with MS.

21 Tips Hidden in the MS Memory Challenge Game

  1. Hands-on relief: You can soothe bladder problems, spasticity, and instability with physical therapy. 
  2. Exercise helps ease MS symptoms -- but only if you don’t overdo it. Talk to your doctor for recommendations. 
  3. Give yourself the support you deserve. A little one-on-one time with a counselor may help you manage the impact of MS. 
  4. Bladder control problems can trouble men and women with MS. Fortunately, lifestyle changes like fluid management and medication can help. 
  5. The right multiple sclerosis medication can actually reduce the number of lesions in the brain and spinal cord. 
  6. Good advice never goes out of style. A healthy diet helps you stay energetic and fight infection -- now and always. 
  7. Support groups offer more than comfort -- they can also help you learn new ways of living with MS. Join today! 
  8. You can do it. Improve mobility, balance, fatigue, pain, weakness, and coordination -- with physical therapy. 
  9. Writing down your experiences and feelings about MS not only helps you, it can be a valuable tool for your doctor, too. 
  10. Massage can help reduce the stress and depression that can make MS worse. Maybe it’s time for a little touch therapy? 
  11. A little job coaching goes a long way. Community agencies can help you develop new skills to meet new work limitations. 
  12. Though MS can affect hip, leg, and foot muscles, most people with MS never need a wheelchair. 
  13. Why is there no cure for MS? Because researchers are still trying to discover its cause. Fortunately, there are many treatments. 
  14. Pain or blurriness in one of your eyes? Steroids can help this common symptom of multiple sclerosis. 
  15. Don’t wonder if your workplace is safe. Have a counselor observe you at work to be sure. 
  16. Having trouble affording your MS drugs? Most pharmaceutical companies offer financial help. Call their customer service.
  17. You have lots of choices when treating MS. Remember to factor in your lifestyle and side effects when choosing therapies. 
  18. Stressed? Try a little tai chi or yoga. They can boost energy, balance, and flexibility. Oh, and reduce stress, too! 
  19. While it’s true that medications can’t yet cure MS, they can reduce the frequency and severity of MS attacks.
  20. Tremors troubling you? Talk to your doctor about whether deep brain stimulation might help. 
  21. Acupuncture may offer relief from MS symptoms like pain, muscle spasms, and poor bladder control.


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