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  1. Weak in the Knees?

    Feb. 21, 2000 (Billings, Montana) -- You might not be a poster child for women's athletics like college basketball star Jaime Walz. But even if your physical endeavors are no more strenuous than the occasional game of softball or Ultimate Frisbee, listen to the lessons that Walz has learned. They ju

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  2. Treatment


  3. Enhancing Intimacy

    Enhancing Intimacy

  4. Pain and Stress

    Pain and Stress

  5. Cervical Disc Disease and Neck Pain

    Cervical disc disease can cause radiating pain, as well as numbness and weakness in your shoulders, arm, and hand, but effective treatments can reduce pain and restore your flexibility.

  6. Breakthrough Pain

  7. Understanding Pain

    Understanding Pain

  8. Chronic Pain Causes


  9. Is Chronic Pain On The Rise?

    Chronic pain relief becomes critical as baby boomers age. What can you do about your chronic pain?

  10. 11 Pain Tips

    11 Pain Tips

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