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    Get Dressed Easier

    Painful hands and a limited range of motion can make getting dressed difficult and time consuming. Using assistive devices can help make it easier. You can find devices to help you put on shirts, pants, shoes, and socks.

    Fastener Help

    Zippers and buttons can be hard on your hands. Look for handy tools, such as a button hook and zipper pulls to help make these tasks easier. Or look for clothes with Velcro instead of buttons and elastic waistbands instead of zippers.

    Shoe In

    If you have trouble bending to reach your shoes, there's help. A long-handled shoehorn can help you slide on shoes more easily. You can make one at home by taping a yard stick to a regular shoe horn. For easy lacing, try coil or elastic shoe laces. Or look for slip-on shoes or shoes with Velcro closures. Putting on socks can be a challenge, too. A simple device called a sock puller can help. Just slip your sock onto the device and pull on two straps -- and your sock is on.

    Dressing Tips

    Try these tips to make getting dressed easier:

    * Use a wide-handled brush. It's easier on your fingers.

    * An electric toothbrush and electric razor may be easier to grip.

    * Men can pre-tie neck ties and loop them over their necks.

    * Women can choose bras that fasten in the front.

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