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Newly Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

10 Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor If You've Just Been Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

  1. How reliable are digital rectal exams and prostate specific antigen (PSA) tests?
  2. What stage is my cancer and what does that mean for my prognosis (outlook for cure or average expected survival)?
  3. What are the costs, benefits, and risks of each treatment option?
  4. How do I decide what is the best treatment option for me personally?
  5. Is there any indication that the cancer has spread?
  6. Can my condition go untreated without adverse health consequences?
  7. Will I become impotent?
  8. Can I continue my normal activities during treatment?
  9. How long will treatment take?
  10. Will there be any long-term consequences of my treatment?

WebMD 10 Questions

Reviewed by Jay B. Zatzkin, MD, FACP on July 31, 2013

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