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    New Spin on Sex Ed -- Booty Camp!

    Booty camps get couples to refocus on sex and their loving relationship.

    Enter Booty Camp continued...

    "We like quick fixes like taking off for five days to lose a few pounds or detoxify, so it's not out of our realm of possibility to take a weekend to recharge our sex lives," she says. And "there is definitely an advantage for a certain type of couple, you just have to find the program that fits your personality. Some are too touchy and feely and esoteric for a mainstream yuppie, so you have to find one that matches your personality and outlook."

    Later this Fall, Berman's television show will focus on three different sexual programs that she regularly sends patients to, including the Source School of Tantra in Kahului, Hawaii, where couples take part in workshops/programs on tantric sex (a complex marriage of yoga, meditation, ritual, and intercourse that originated in India in 3000 B.C.) and the Passionate Marriage program in Evergreen, Colo., which offers couples weekends, intensive therapy, and women's retreats for couples who may be in a deeply troubled marriage or those who want to make a good relationship great.

    And "we are starting a program at the Berman Center in November that offers getaway weekend retreats and ongoing couples intimacy enhancement sessions on rolling basis," she says, meaning that couples can come every night or once a week.

    Pepper Schwartz, PhD, professor of sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle and author of several books including The Great Sex Weekend, offers retreats for couples who are "doing well and want to do better, but are not having dire emotional difficulty."

    She offers such getaways at resorts in Bermuda. "You go and stay in a beautiful place for a couple of days or weeks to concentrate on each other, get your act together and reacquaint yourselves with your bodies, talk about feelings and communicate your preferences and fantasies in a safe environment," Schwartz tells WebMD.

    Prenuptial Checkup

    Los Angeles, Calif.-based sexologist Ava Cadell, author of 12 Steps to Everlasting Love, runs a boot camp for couples before they get married. And she plans to open up another in Hawaii in the next year.

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