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    Spicing Up a Long-Term Relationship

    Jazz Up Your Love Life

    Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

    Sex -- The concept hasn't changed much, though there are endless variations on the theme. But does anything ever vary with what you and your partner do together? Take some time to hash it out -- no, really -- sit down with your partner and write down your usual sexual repertoire. Then take the list of what you already do, and, together, add activities you think you might enjoy. Write them down as you brainstorm together.

    Don't judge your partner's choices as the list is being created, just let the ideas flow freely.

    Now, take turns indicating your level of interest in each new activity by choosing a number from one to six (1 = oh, yes! and 6 = no way!). Besides helping you and your partner set sexual boundaries, this exercise will give you food for thought as a sexual couple.

    Give and You Shall Receive

    After a long time together, we take on roles, most commonly "giver" and "receiver." It takes some effort to break out, and bring more equality. One great way to do this is through massage.

    Take turns massaging each other. Ask your partner to tell you exactly where and how she would like to be rubbed. Massage one part of her body (back, hands, head or feet) for 10 minutes. The receiver gets to give both positive feedback when something's just right, and constructive feedback when the giver could adjust his pace, pressure or movements.

    It's simple to transfer these skills to your lovemaking. Instead of sexual "status quo," take turns pleasuring each other. Each partner gives directions for what he'd like his partner to do. Then you switch. It's a powerful way to learn about your partner's needs and how to ask for what you want.

    Reservations for Two

    Silly as it may sound, setting aside one hour of quality time for sex each week can increase your satisfaction more than any other change you could make. You don't have to have sex during the hour if neither of you are in the mood nor the conditions aren't right (one of you is sick, exhausted, sore, etc.). But if they are, you'll have an entire hour without distractions for an amazingly satisfying experience.

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