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    The Summer's Best Love Boosters


    Seekest some Shakespeare
    Behold one of the bard's frisky romantic comedies on an outdoor stage: You can't go wrong with A Midsummer Night's Dream, Twelfth Night, or As You Like It. To find a performance near you, try running a Web keyword search for "Shakespeare in the Park" and your city, or call your local arts council.

    Pack a predawn picnic
    Before the sun comes up, coax your man out of bed and take him to a private spot for a wonderfully serene breakfast picnic. Bring along bagels with strawberry cream cheese, fresh fruit salad and last but not least, a Thermos full of premixed mimosas made with champagne and fresh-squeezed orange juice.

    Entice with ice
    On a sultry day, turn off the A.C. and give each other tingly, tantalizing ice-cube caresses. Run a melting cube over the back of your man's neck and across his shoulders -- and all the way down to his toes if he can stand it. Then let him return the favor. What to do once the cube's gone? We'll leave that up to you.

    Watch the perfect storm
    Next time a summer storm rolls in, pretend there's a power outage -- even if the electricity is A-OK. Shut off all the lights, burn a candle or two, cuddle on the sofa with your sweetie as you take in the lightning show; then watch the sparks fly.

    Ride for romance
    Take pedal fun up a notch by renting a bicycle built for two. It's a carefree way to get your blood pumping -- which, by the way, can shift your sex drive into high gear.

    Host a one-on-one luau
    No, you don't have to learn to hula or spit-roast a pig to have Hawaiian-style fun. Simply nibble on fresh pineapple while you dip your tootsies in a blow-up kiddie pool and toast each other with pina coladas (complete with hot pink paper umbrellas, of course). While you're at it, serenade yourselves with tropical tunes (try The Music of Hawaii or Best of Hawaii, available at

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