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    The Summer's Best Love Boosters


    Put your best foot forward
    Go to bed in your strappiest, sexiest come-hither summer sandals. Period.

    Spell something sexy
    Take a Scrabble board to a park, find a shady, out-of-the-way spot and turn up the heat by awarding extra points for spelling intimate and erotic words and phrases. Oh, and one more thing: The winner's prize must involve at least three of those terms.

    Get ready for your close-up
    Pop quiz: When was the last time the two of you took pictures of each other without the kiddies? If you racked your brain, then answered, "On our honeymoon," pick a clear, sunny day and go camera crazy. Frolic in flowery fields at a botanical garden or in foamy ocean waves. Head to a zoo and say cheese next to some wildlife. And don't forget to ask a nice stranger to snap a few shots of you sweethearts. (Plus, when summer's over you can flip through the photos whenever you need a quick love boost.)

    Make adults-only milkshakes
    Cool down together as you sip this creamy concoction with a kick: Put one peeled and chopped mango, one sliced banana, one quarter of a cup of vanilla-flavored vodka, half a cup of orange juice, one cup of mango sorbet and one cup of ice cubes into a blender. Mix until smooth, then serve -- with a single straw, of course (makes three cups).

    Get into the swing of things
    The best thing about hanging out together in a hammock: You can't help but get superclose. So string one up and enjoy beautiful breezy nights spent rocking to and fro or catch a bit of shady shut-eye on lazy Sundays.

    Spy fireflies
    Take a leisurely drive into the country, spread a blanket on the hood of your car and count how many lightning bugs appear. (Whoever spots the most gets a full-body massage back home.)

    Say cheers!
    Win the Spouse of the Year award by taking him to a beer festival. Click on or to find a draft-fest in your neck of the woods.

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