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    Problems of the feet range from minor to serious. Swelling, stiffness, pain, calluses, blisters, and sprains can usually be treated at home by by removing restrictions such as jewelry, using compresses, elevating the foot, keeping pressure off the injury, rubbing with a towel after a bath or shower, and taking a break from activities that cause symptoms. It's important to wear proper footwear and to do exercises that ease strains. If running or another high-impact sport is causing foot pain, switch temporarily to a low-impact exercise activity. Over-the-counter pain reducers may help. Underlying diseases including diabetes and gout may cause foot problems such as pain and inflammation. Follow the links below to find WebMD's comprehensive coverage about foot problems, how to identify and treat foot problems, and much more.

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    Thumbnail: Tips to Avoid Foot Pain From High Heels

    Experts discuss foot care techniques to cope with the painful consequences of wearing high heels.

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