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    Tired of all the flakes? There are ways to hide your dandruff while you're working to get rid of it.

    1. 1 Wear lighter colors, especially on top. Try colors like whites, silvers, and other metallics. Patterns and textures will also help hide flakes.
    2. 2Always carry a lint brush. Keep it in your purse or briefcase for touch-ups all day.
    3. 3Style your hair to help camouflage problems. Find the area of your scalp that has the most dandruff and part your hair so that place is covered.
    4. 4Or wear your hair in a messier style to hide flakes. A sleeker style or deep part will make dandruff more noticeable.
    5. 5Think about lightening your hair. Be sure to use a color expert so you don't irritate your scalp and make the problem worse.
    6. 6Cover up with something fun. Try a head wrap or a scarf, a headband, turban, or skull cap.
    7. 7A baseball cap is also a super idea. The key is to cover your hair but still look stylish. Make sure whatever you wear matches your outfit and looks good. You don't want to look like you're hiding or in disguise!
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