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Psoriasis Health Center

Medical Reference Related to Psoriasis

  1. Psoriasis - Exams and Tests

    Learn about tests for psoriasis.

  2. Methotrexate for Psoriasis

    Drug details for Methotrexate for psoriasis.

  3. Psoriasis - Surgery

    Surgery is not used to treat psoriasis on the skin or scalp. However, surgery may be used to treat severely disfigured or damaged nails from psoriasis. Surgical removal of a nail may be done in a clinic or doctor's office as an outpatient procedure.

  4. Psoriasis - Other Treatment

    Read about phototherapy and other psoriasis treatments.

  5. Types of Psoriasis - Topic Overview

    The major types of psoriasis include the following. Plaque psoriasis is the most common type. Nearly 90% of people with psoriasis have this type. Symptoms of plaque psoriasis include: 1 Round or oval sores that range from 0.39 in. (0.99 cm) to many inches (centimeters) wide,and may expand into patches. Sores that are red and covered with loose,silvery,scaling skin. Sores that are usually ...

  6. Calcipotriene for Psoriasis

    Drug details for Calcipotriene for psoriasis.

  7. Anthralin for Psoriasis

    Drug details for Anthralin for psoriasis.

  8. Tars for Psoriasis

    Drug details for Tars for psoriasis.

  9. Psoriasis - When To Call a Doctor

    Find out when to call a doctor about psoriasis.

  10. Psoralen and UVA Light Therapy (PUVA) for Psoriasis

    Drug details for Psoralen and UVA light therapy (PUVA) for psoriasis.

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