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    Understanding Corns and Calluses -- Symptoms

    What Are the Symptoms of Corns and Calluses?

    Here are some ways to identify different types of corns and calluses:

    • A callus is a patch of compact, dead skin anywhere on the body which is subject to friction. There are different common names given to various type of calluses.
    • A hard corn is a compact patch of hard skin with a dense core, located on top of a toe or the outside of the little toe.
    • A soft corn is a reddened, tender area of skin, has a thin, smooth center, and is found between toes.
    • A seed corn is a plug-like circle of dead skin, often painful, on the heel or ball of the foot.
    • A plantar callus is a callus on the bottom or plantar surface of the foot.

    Understanding Corns and Calluses

    Find out more about corns and calluses:



    Diagnosis and Treatment


    Call Your Doctor About a Corn or Callus if:

    • You cut a corn or callus and cause it to bleed. The break in the skin invites infection.
    • A corn discharges pus or clear fluid, which means it's infected or ulcerated. Both conditions require urgent medical attention.
    • You develop a corn and also have diabetes, heart disease, or other circulatory problems. You run a high risk of developing an infection.

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    Reviewed by Linda Bernstein, PharmD on March 19, 2015

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