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Embarrassing Body Problem No. 4: Cotton Mouth and Yawning continued...

Or maybe you've been waiting all year for your boss to ask you to lunch, but right in the middle of the boss's reminiscences about college fraternity days, you start yawning ... and you can't stop.

While the two problems aren't related, experts say they often occur for similar reasons.

"Yawning happens when you're tired, but it also occurs when you're nervous or anxious and you breathe too shallow," says Siegel.

Similarly, shallow mouth breathing and the release of stress hormones combine to slow down saliva production, causing that sticky, uncomfortable "cotton mouth" sensation, he says.

Not surprisingly, both problems respond to similar solutions. "If you have a tendency to yawn when you're nervous, suck on a piece of hard candy; swallowing and yawning can't occur at the same time," says Siegel. Moreover, the candy will keep your mouth lubricated and saliva flowing, which will also help the cotton mouth.

The one thing you don't want to do: Chew gum. Sadock says it causes you to swallow more air, which not only causes you to yawn, but also can increase the risk of belching.

Instead, she says, keep a glass of icy cold water close at hand, and sip it slowly, particularly right before you start to speak. This will keep you from yawning and help resolve cotton mouth.

Embarrassing Body Problem No 5: The Sex Snafus

Passing gas, leaking urine, and belching -- embarrassing as they can be -- are usually quickly overlooked in most social settings. But when they happen during our most intimate encounters, they can feel like snafus of a lifetime.

Still, experts say they do happen -- and with good reason.

"When you're engaging in sex, particularly orgasm, you are giving up control of your sphincter muscles, the ones which normally control both urine and bowels," says Siegel.

If your bladder is full, he says, or if you've eaten a lot of gassy foods during the day, it's going to be very hard not to let some of that go during the heat of the moment.

So what should you do? "First, don't hold back and not have an orgasm or enjoy your partner because you're afraid of losing control of your body," Siegel tells WebMD.

You can avoid some problems by emptying your bladder before having sex and afterward. Not only will this cut down on leaks and gas, it can also help reduce your risk of sex-related urinary tract infection, says Siegel.

It can also help to avoid eating heavy or gassy foods right before having sex; and don't drink a lot just before hopping between the sheets. This is particularly true of carbonated beverages, which are both liquid and gas, Siegel warns. This also goes for coffee and tea, which can act as diuretics.

And what if it just happens anyway? Sadock says act the way you would in any embarrassing situation: "Say, 'Oops, excuse me' and move on!"

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