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  1. New Relief for Stress Incontinence

    Women who suffer from stress urinary incontinence (SUI) worry about coughing, sneezing, even laughing in public for fear of having an accident. For some the fear of embarrassment is so great that they become virtual recluses, staying at home and avoiding any social contact. Even with this anxiety, h

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  2. New Help for Incontinence

    Any time 57-year-old Brenda Cayton of Grimesland, NC, went on a road trip, she had to study her route carefully to make sure she could find a restroom every half hour or so. "If I so much as sneezed, I would absolutely drown myself," Cayton says. Cayton suffered from "stress incontinence" -- a condi

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  3. Daily Tips

    Daily Tips

  4. Incontinence Products

    Incontinence Products

  5. Incontinence at Work

    Incontinence at Work

  6. 10 Questions

    10 Questions

  7. On Vacation With Incontinence

    Urge and stress incontinence follow you wherever you go -- but you can still enjoy vacations.

  8. Stress Incontinence

    Stress Incontinence

  9. When You're a Guest With Incontinence

    With the right incontinence products, you'll feel comfortable staying in another person's home.

  10. Emotions


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