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    Health Quiz

    What You Should Know About Preventable Diseases

    Do you know the facts about preventable diseases? Find out.

    1. Among these vaccine-preventable diseases, which one kills the most people?
    2. Exposure to bacteria in soil may cause which disease?
    3. Which of these infections can lead to cancer?
    4. Which groups are at high risk of complications from a pneumococcal infection?
    5. Which of these infections can lead to shingles?
    6. Which of these vaccines is usually given only to travelers?
    7. Which of these groups is at increased risk for meningococcal meningitis?
    8. What does the herpes zoster vaccine protect against?

    Adult Vaccines: Protect Against Tetanus & More

    How vaccines protect you from tetanus, hepatitis, and more diseases.
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    Test your health smart IQ on these myths and facts about adult vaccines.

    Vaccination Poll

    Which preventable illness concerns you most?

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