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    A New Take on Hysterectomy

    Advances in surgery let women recover faster, with little or no scar.

    Hysterectomy: Making Your Decision on Surgery

    Which Type of Hysterectomy Is Right for You?
    There are many different ways to do a hysterectomy. The ideal surgery for each woman depends on her particular medical problem. What's best for you?
    Hysterectomy Recovery: What Can You Expect?
    Recovering from a hysterectomy is easier and quicker than in the past. But your body does need time to heal, and complications can occur.
    Alternatives to Hysterectomy: Your Other Options
    It's good to know all your options before you undergo a hysterectomy. Here are alternative treatments for uterine fibroids, endometriosis, uterine prolapse, and heavy bleeding.

    Should You Take Estrogen After Your Hysterectomy?

    In younger women, hysterectomy can bring on sudden menopause.

    Which type of estrogen is right for your needs?

    Healthy Lifestyle Tips

    Recipe for Health: Diet, Stress Reduction, and Fitness Tips
    After a hysterectomy, you need to stick to a healthy lifestyle. You may face weight gain, stress, problems sleeping. Your hormones are changing, and so is your body.
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