Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Adult ADHD

  1. What can I expect if I go to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other professional for treatment of adult ADHD?
  2. How will I be diagnosed? What else could it be?
  3. Which treatments are best for adults with ADHD?
  4. Aside from medications, what else can I do to reduce my ADHD symptoms? What about exercise and diet? Are there any vitamins or supplements that can help?
  5. What are the possible side effects of ADHD drugs?
  6. Are there any herbal supplements or over-the-counter drugs to avoid if I take medication for ADHD? Can I drink alcohol if I take medication?
  7. Will treatment stigmatize me?
  8. How long should my treatments last?
  9. Will I always have to take medication? 
  10. Where can I find emotional support for my family and for me?
  11. Could I have passed this on to my children?
  12. Can I take medication for ADHD if I become pregnant?
  13. Where can I find out about clinical trials I could participate in?
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