Life With Twins: Spring Kapchinski's Story

Medically Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD on March 23, 2009
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Spring Kapchinski, 32, is pregnant with twins that she and her husband, Max, conceived through IVF. During the procedure, they had three embryos transferred. At first, their doctor only saw twins, and then the Katy, Texas, couple got a surprise -- there was a triplet. But a few days later, one of the triplets miscarried, leaving the couple with the twins Spring is carrying. This is the couple's second attempt at IVF; their first resulted in a miscarriage. The twins are due in June.

Spring spoke to WebMD about her experiences:

We were not hoping for twins, necessarily. My husband and I both have twins that run in our families and figured that we had a good chance of having twins.

We never would have guessed that we couldn't conceive on our own. But by the time we did IVF, we [had been] trying for 4.5 years to get pregnant, with no luck.

So by the time we did IVF, it wasn't necessarily a hope anymore for twins, it was just a hope for a healthy baby. But we were very excited to find out it was twins.

But you know, the IVF process itself is a roller coaster ride. So it just doesn't stop. [She laughs.]

Spring, who was on temporary bed rest early in the pregnancy, says her doctor has already told her to expect to go back on bed rest by her 28th week of pregnancy. And although she and Max are excited about their twins, Spring doesn't recommend that IVF patients try for twins.

I think if they're going strictly with the mind-set of twins, that's the wrong mind-set.

The mind-set should be that you're dedicated with such a serious and complicated procedure. It takes a toll on you; it takes a toll on your husband and your family.

If you're going into it with the minds-et of, 'Oh, I want to have multiples,' then you're not really thinking about yourself or your child or your family. If you're going into the mind-set of, you want a family and you will take what God will give you and you will be happy with one child, then that's more the mind-set you need to have.

A child is an absolute blessing. IVF is a very difficult decision to make for a lot of people, and I know it was for me, but it was the best decision for me and for my family.