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CDC: "Tracking Your Weight for Women Who Begin a Twin Pregnancy Underweight."

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When you're eating more to nourish the baby girl or boy growing inside you, that number on your scale is gonna go up! Your starting weight can give you a good idea of how many pounds you should gain during your pregnancy.

If you're underweight, try to gain 28-40 pounds.

Normal weight? Shoot for 25-35 pounds.

Overweight? Gain 15-25

If you're obese, try to put on 11-20 pounds.

Expecting twins or multiples? Your goal weight goes up. Gain 50-62 pounds if you're underweight.

37-54 if you started at a normal weight.

31-50 if you're overweight.

And 25-42 if you're obese.

When you're pregnant with one baby, get about 300 extra calories per day starting in your 2nd trimester. You'll need more than that if you're having twins or multiples, so check with your doctor.

Put on the extra pounds slowly and steadily. But don't sweat it if the number on your scale shoots up once and then you level out. Work with your doctor to meet your weight goals.

Gain too many pounds and you become more likely to get high blood pressure or diabetes. Your chances of delivering your baby early or needing a C-section also go up. Your doctor can guide you through the whole 9 months. Call her with any weight concerns or questions you have.