Types of SMA

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So there are a, um, number of types in regard to SMA. Um, there are four types. And it based upon, the types of SMA are characterized by your motor development, meaning that how much strength do you have.

So in type 1, which mainly affects the infants or the little babies, and so those little babies are usually symptomatic or present with weakness fairly early on in their lifetime within the first few months of life. And they would never be able to sit independently. And over time without treatment, they will develop respiratory distress and ultimately can result in, uh, death.

In type 2, however, you see that more so a-- as a milder form. But you do see it in during the first year of life if not in the second year of life. But these are the infants who do develop some degree of strength and motor function in which they are able to sit, uh, independently without support. But over time, they may lose that capability. Type 2 would never be able to walk. And so they will remain non-ambulatory, meaning that they will re-- require wheelchair and other transportations from one place to another.

Type 3 and 4 are typically for the older age groups. And type 4 is mainly in the adult onset. They do have the ability to walk. However, over time, they may lose their ability to walk and will become weak over time and may require a wheelchair or manual or powered wheelchair over time. [MUSIC PLAYING]