Find the Right Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment for You

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I think of stage 4 breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer as being interchangeable. These mean the same thing from the standpoint of where the cancer is. And we mean that it has left the breast and the lymph nodes in the underarm and found its way to another part of the body.

The treatment options that are available, that are the most effective, depend on the type of the breast cancer. So we have breast cancers that are sensitive to estrogen and progesterone. And using certain medications to block that can be a really effective way to treat those kinds of breast cancers.

There are some women who are going to have a subtype of breast cancer that's called a HER2-positive breast cancer. There are a lot of drugs that target that specific kind of breast cancer. And there are women who have triple-negative breast cancer. And there are new advances coming for this kind of breast cancer, as well, including immunotherapy.

So what might be the best option for one patient who has metastatic disease may not be the best option for the patient that's coming in after. So really trying to combine what evidence is out there for what's, quote unquote, "best," but also making sure you're pairing that with the person's needs that are in front of you.