At-Home Tips for Cancer Treatment Fatigue

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When you're going through cancer treatment, it's common to feel a lot more tired than usual. Here are some tips that may ease the fatigue.

Start by keeping a daily journal. Note when your energy is higher or lower. After a week, check for patterns. If you know the times of day you tend to have more energy, plan to do your most important activities then.

Try to get some gentle exercise each day. Ask your doctor what you should and shouldn't do. And stay inside to exercise if it's a really hot or cold outside.

When your fatigue kicks in, kick back and take a short nap or break. Also think about getting chairs for your bathroom and shower. You'll save energy by standing less.

And don't feel funny about asking loved ones for help with errands or chores. You can also talk to a social worker about local organizations that can help lend a hand. Let your doctor know how you're doing, too. She has treatments that can help you feel better.