Kids and Vaccines

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Vaccines are very safe. They are tested very carefully to make sure they are safe and effective before they're even approved by the FDA. Even after we start using vaccines on children, the FDA is continuously monitoring it, so that we always know that the children who get vaccines are safe.

Vaccines introduce a small, tiny, weakened or dead piece of the infection, which is usually a bacteria or virus. Because your child's body has seen that infection before, it knows how to fight it. And that's how vaccines can actually help prevent your child from getting really sick.

There's been no studies to show that vaccines can cause autism. In fact, vaccines can save your child's life. You may have friends or people you know who aren't getting their children vaccinated. These children are at high risk for diseases like meningitis, diphtheria, tetanus, measles. And that's why it's really important to get your child vaccinated, because you can't guarantee that they'll never see somebody who has the disease and won't get it themselves.

Most of the time, vaccines help prevent disease, and there are no side effects. If there is a serious allergic reaction, or you think your child's having an allergic reaction, call your doctor immediately. Vaccines are safe and effective, and are monitored very well by the FDA. Get your child vaccinated.