Baby Vaccine Pain Relief

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Tanya Altmann, MD
Parents often ask me how they can soothe the minor discomfort from giving vaccines. And it's a good idea to talk to your pediatrician, but some will recommend a dose of pain reliever, such as Acetaminophen, either before or after the vaccines. Some may use a numbing cream, and others will recommend that mom's nurse either during while the vaccines are given or right afterwards. And some of the nursing, some pediatricians will give a little bit of a sugar water solution to the babies to help stimulate some good feelings in their brain when they get their vaccines. You know I often find that holding the babies down on the table is what makes them cry more than the actual shots, and most infants when you pick them up right after their vaccines, they do fine, and they leave the office smiling, and they go home, and they just take a good nap.