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Considering taking medication to treat renal+tubular+acidosis? Below is a list of common medications used to treat or reduce the symptoms of renal+tubular+acidosis. Follow the links to read common uses, side effects, dosage details and read user reviews for the drugs listed below.

45 medications found for renal+tubular+acidosis

Sorted by User Reviews

Drug Name Indication Type User Reviews
potassium citrate ER On Label RX 26 Reviews
sodium bicarbonate Off Label OTC 17 Reviews
Urocit-K 10 mEq (1,080 mg) tablet,extended release On Label RX 17 Reviews
Cytra-2 7 Reviews
CYTRA-K RX 7 Reviews
Urocit-K tablet, extended release On Label RX 7 Reviews
potassium citrate-citric acid 4 Reviews
Bicitra Solution RX 3 Reviews
sodium CITRATE & CITRIC acid RX/OTC 2 Reviews
Polycitra Solution RX 2 Reviews
Tricitrates 2 Reviews
Antacid (sodium bicarbonate) tablet Off Label OTC 2 Reviews
Soda Mint tablet Off Label OTC 2 Reviews
Oracit RX 2 Reviews
Citrocarbonate Antacid Granules, Effervescent Off Label OTC 2 Reviews
Cytra-3 1 Reviews
Polycitra-K Solution RX 1 Reviews
citric acid Granules On Label RX/OTC 1 Reviews
Liqui-Dualcitra Solution RX 1 Reviews
Shohl's Modified RX 1 Reviews
sodium bicarb and citrate Granules, Effervescent Off Label OTC 1 Reviews
Urocit-K On Label RX 1 Reviews
Citrocarbonate Granules, Effervescent Off Label OTC 1 Reviews
Polycitra-K Crystals Packet RX 1 Reviews
Pot Citrate-Cit Ac Syrup 0 Reviews
Cytra-K Solution 0 Reviews
Polycitra-LC Solution RX 0 Reviews
potassium,sodium citrates tablet RX 0 Reviews
Citrolith tablet RX 0 Reviews
Alka-Seltzer Heartburn Off Label OTC 0 Reviews
Shohls Modified Solution RX 0 Reviews
pot,sod citrate-cit ac-sucrose Solution RX 0 Reviews
sodium bicarbonate (antacid) tablet Off Label RX/OTC 0 Reviews
Sodium Citrate & Citric Acid Solution RX/OTC 0 Reviews
Tricitrates (w/ Sucrose) Solution RX 0 Reviews
citric acid monohydrate (bulk) 100 % granules On Label RX 0 Reviews
citric acid (bulk) powder On Label RX/OTC 0 Reviews
Virtrate-3 0 Reviews
sodium bicarbonate (bulk) 100 % oral powder Off Label OTC 0 Reviews
Citric Acid Hydrous Granules On Label RX/OTC 0 Reviews
Citric Acid-Sodium Citrate Solution RX/OTC 0 Reviews
Virtrate-K 0 Reviews
Virtrate-2 0 Reviews
Taron-Crystals Packet RX 0 Reviews