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Considering taking medication to treat repeated+episodes+of+anxiety? Below is a list of common medications used to treat or reduce the symptoms of repeated+episodes+of+anxiety. Follow the links to read common uses, side effects, dosage details and read user reviews for the drugs listed below.

56 medications found for repeated+episodes+of+anxiety

Sorted by User Reviews

Drug Name Indication Type User Reviews
Cymbalta On Label 4628 Reviews
Lexapro On Label 4118 Reviews
Effexor XR On Label 3471 Reviews
Lyrica Off Label 3053 Reviews
Xanax On Label 2941 Reviews
Zoloft Concentrate Off Label 2648 Reviews
Zoloft Off Label 2648 Reviews
Seroquel Off Label 2432 Reviews
Celexa Off Label 2215 Reviews
Prozac Off Label 1709 Reviews
Prozac capsule Off Label 1709 Reviews
citalopram HBR Off Label 1578 Reviews
Pristiq Off Label 1411 Reviews
Paxil CR Off Label 728 Reviews
Paxil On Label 716 Reviews
Paxil Suspension, (Final Dose Form) On Label 716 Reviews
alprazolam ER On Label 711 Reviews
alprazolam On Label 711 Reviews
alprazolam ODT On Label 711 Reviews
alprazolam Concentrate On Label 711 Reviews
Effexor tablet Off Label 611 Reviews
BuSpar tablet On Label 534 Reviews
sertraline HCL Off Label 491 Reviews
sertraline HCL Concentrate Off Label 491 Reviews
venlafaxine HCL On Label 458 Reviews
venlafaxine HCL ER On Label 458 Reviews
buspirone HCL On Label 402 Reviews
fluoxetine HCL Off Label 376 Reviews
fluoxetine DR Off Label 376 Reviews
Seroquel XR Off Label 314 Reviews
paroxetine HCl On Label 298 Reviews
paroxetine ER On Label 298 Reviews
paroxetine HCl Suspension On Label 298 Reviews
escitalopram oxalate On Label 176 Reviews
quetiapine FUMARATE Off Label 140 Reviews
quetiapine FUMARATE ER Off Label 140 Reviews
Luvox tablet Off Label 138 Reviews
duloxetine HCL On Label 130 Reviews
pregabalin capsule Off Label 103 Reviews
pregabalin Tablet, Extended Release 24 hr Off Label 103 Reviews
Pexeva On Label 65 Reviews
Luvox CR Off Label 59 Reviews
fluvoxamine MALEATE Off Label 52 Reviews
fluvoxamine MALEATE ER Off Label 52 Reviews
Sarafem Off Label 42 Reviews
Niravam On Label 24 Reviews
desvenlafaxine succinate Tablet, Extended Release 24 hr Off Label 20 Reviews
Alprazolam Intensol On Label 18 Reviews
paroxetine mesylate tablet On Label 9 Reviews
Khedezla Off Label 4 Reviews
Selfemra capsule Off Label 4 Reviews
Rapiflux tablet Off Label 3 Reviews
desvenlafaxine ER Off Label 2 Reviews
Vanspar tablet On Label 2 Reviews
Irenka On Label 1 Reviews
desvenlafaxine fumarate ER Off Label 0 Reviews