10 Questions for Your Doctor About ED

Medically Reviewed by Nazia Q Bandukwala, DO on March 15, 2021

If you or your partner was recently diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED), you may want to ask your doctor these questions at your next visit:

  1. What is the cause of my ED? Could it be due to another medical condition?
  2. Might any of my medications cause or worsen it? If so, what changes can we make to my prescription or the dose?
  3. What else could be to blame, like stress, alcohol, or smoking?
  4. What treatment do you recommend? What are the pros and cons?
  5. What lifestyle changes should I make? Would that be enough to help me?
  6. If I need medicine, what side effects should I look for?
  7. How much improvement can I expect?
  8. What other treatments (such as injection therapy, implants, vacuum devices, or surgery) are available? What are the pros and cons of these treatments?
  9. Are there any natural remedies I can try? Are there any I should avoid?
  10. Would it help for me to see a counselor, a sex therapist, or a psychiatrist?
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