Keep the Sizzle in Your Relationship

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How can we keep excitement in a long-term relationship?

"Dr. Ruth" Westheimer, PhD
Very difficult. If sex becomes boring, if it's the same day of the week, at the same hour, in the evening, because very many couples, especially women, think that it has to be dark, that the stars have to twinkle. That's nonsense. Older people have to engage in sex in the morning. Get up, go to the bathroom, have a light breakfast and then back into bed. Hang the phone off the hook. Make sure it doesn't become boring. That's where sexually explicit movies come in. There's where some erotic literature comes in. That's where some going on vacation, check into a motel. If you can't go for a whole night, it doesn't have to be a whole night. Check in an afternoon with your own spouse into a motel, have a bubble bath, put some essence in there, bring flowers, do something about it. And they have books that talk about different positions. Sex for Dummies has a lot of different positions.