Embarrassing Questions: How Do I Get Rid of Ear and Nose Hair?

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[MUSIC PLAYING] KIM RICHARDSON: Hair in your ears and nose is a good thing. It keeps junk in the air from getting in your body. It can start getting a little crazy as we get older, though -- and no one knows why exactly. There are theories, but if you look like you've got a Muppet sticking out of your ear, theories-shmeories. You've got to get that under control.

Your best, and safest, bet -- especially for jungle-sized jobs -- is an electric trimmer made for your nose and ear holes. [TRIMMER BUZZING] Yes, you are sticking a whizzing blade in your nostril, but it's covered by a plastic guard that keeps it safely away from your skin while cutting those long hairs. Now, that being said, it is possible to nick yourself with a trimmer if you're too aggressive, so take it easy.

Now, I know that plucking can be tempting -- especially when you've got that one crazy hair that's just taunting you -- but resist the urge. Pulling hair out at its root leaves your skin vulnerable, and you don't want that, especially not in your nostrils. You've got all kinds of jazz floating around in there.
Bottom line
There are tools for managing that hair sticking out of your nose and ears. So use them!