Sex Advice for Single Women

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"Dr. Ruth" Westheimer, PhD
People have to be sexually literate and since people live longer today, it's particularly important for all of us to educate, to say that you are going to live until 70 or 80 or 90. Make sure that hopefully you have a partner and make sure that you keep sexual interest. Now there are many widows out there. Because that's the way it goes, because men die earlier than we women and to those women, I say look, I don't have a silver platter to provide you with a lover. I say go out. The stigma attached that an older women can't go with a younger man is to be thrown out the window and it's not necessarily a gigolo if he is interested in an older woman. And we have to say to that woman, go out, do some interesting thing in order to keep your life interesting and if you don't have a partner, use a vibrator. I will say that it is perfectly all right to use a vibrator. And then I say to women, don't get used to vibrator because no man's penis can duplicate the vibrations in a vibrator. So use it, get aroused, from time to time have an orgasm, but if not, finish with a finger. Don't finish. Don't have an orgasm with the vibrator. Well if a woman relies on that stimulation of a vibrator and if she knows she can't climax, then she has a problem that she can solve. Stimulate yourself, put the vibrator aside and finish with your hand. That's all. It's not so complicated. Don't make it into more of a problem than it really is.