Ask the Pharmacist: Caring for Your Bones and Joints

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It's very important to care for your bones and joints as you age because, basically, it's the amount of calcium you have in your bones. You're capped out after a certain age. So what you're trying to do is maintain what you have in your bones and not lose it, because the more you lose calcium in your bones, the more likely you are to either break or they're easy to get damaged.

So, for seniors, I usually recommend for bone damage, anything like that, I recommend wraps or knee braces, just to wrap it up and cover it. And then see if that helps. And then, if not, it's really time to go visit your doctor and get that looked at and probably get an X-ray.

The benefits of wraps or braces for any bone structure is to keep stability. So when you're walking on a bad bone, or anything like that, you tend to favor your other side. And that puts undue pressure on the other side. So then you're, basically, working down your other side while the other one's just kind of limping along.

For seniors, arthritis is definitely a big topic of discussion when it comes to joint and bone pain. And there are a lot of remedies over the counter, like the wraps and the braces. They do help with the arthritis. But with arthritis being-- it's basically your own body attacking your joints. It'll help solve it for a little bit. But, at the end of the day, you're still going to have to follow up and probably start talking to your doctor about options to help remedy arthritis.