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Hearing loss can make the everyday world around you feel like a muddled mess. Luckily, there are simple things you can do to make hearing and life easier. Relieve the stress by trying these hearing hacks. Listen with your eyes, not just your ears. Always directly face the person you're talking with. You don't have to read their lips, but pay close attention to their facial expressions and other visual cues, because they can help you better understand what a person's saying. And while you're at it, make sure you're sitting as close to the person you're speaking with as possible. Three to 5 feet apart is ideal. When you're in a noisy restaurant or a crowded space, avoid intrusive background noises like clanging dishes, loud conversations, and music. Sit away from entrances, kitchens, stations, speakers, and live music. Before dining out, do some research. You can find the noise ratings of the place you're going to beforehand and make reservations for off-peak hours. Stay alert with devices that turn everyday household gadgets into loud, vibrating, and blinking beacons that keep you in the know. Look for alert devices that connect your doorbell, smoke alarm, security system, watch, phones, baby monitor, clocks, and even your bed. If you're going to a live event like a concert or play, try to secure a seat in the front. And definitely don't be afraid to let the venue know you are hearing-impaired. Most have FM systems and other assistive listening devices that can be of help. And who knows? Maybe they'll treat you like the VIP you are. These simple hearing hacks will help you function with less frustration.